Tanya Shepley, founder of The White Owl Boutique is devoted to creating a business which caters for customers with different tastes and needs, offering the smartest fashion choices to everyone.

Tanya started The White Owl Boutique in May 2004 because she realised the market at that time did not offer what she really wanted. “I have always had an interest in fashion and there was also a degree of frustration of not being able to find clothing that I liked once I hit a specific age,” said Tanya. She has always loved fashion and has a background in hair and beauty. With the unlimited support and encouragement from her friend, who also happened to be a graphic designer and her own dedication, Tanya decided to take the plunge and launch White Owl. The name means wisdom, passionately pursuing her dream and trying to achieve higher in her life.

Launched four years ago, The White Owl Boutique was not an online store at first. “I commenced market trading at various locations around Brisbane, and approximately six months later I launched my online store. Most customers would recognise me from the markets, festivals or events as I only ceased that type of trading in early December when I opened my bricks and mortar store,” said Tanya. Different from other online fashion hubs, Tanya typically showcases most of the online clothing herself. “I think most customers tend to relate more to a non-model. I also have a wide range of timeless clothing that suits the busy woman and will easily take them from the desk to dinner or for those casual lazy days,” she said.

Tanya expresses the importance and value of shopping local and supporting small business. “We offer a variety of unique products and most people don’t want to be seen wearing the same item as another colleague. It has been sad to see the demise of key shopping precincts around Brisbane however, fortunately, the Bulimba area has always had very loyal residents which means the world to us small business owners.”

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