Thousands of Australian youngsters have returned to daycare and kindergarten, and with it comes the return of germs and “the sniffles”. Mum and business owner Laura Klein, tired of the endless spiral of sickness, created the solution – a battery powered snot sucker that clears the nose in seconds so little ones can breathe, feed and sleep better. It even minimises secondary ear and respiratory infections, as the snot is quickly removed at the source.

Laura’s Snotty Aspirator is gaining popularity across Australia, as a product to remedy for baby and toddler sniffles. “Previously, we have been really busy in winter, and then it drops off during summer,” said Laura. “But this past summer has been busier than ever. Colds and sniffles really are a year round issue. We expect to see a spike in February as thousands of young children head back to daycare, and the germs start spreading. Parents are worried their child won’t like the suction or vibration, but little ones get used to it very quickly. So many parents tell us it’s the best baby product they’ve ever used.”

After starting Snotty Noses in 2013, Laura has gone from strength to strength, employing five other Brisbane mothers to help her run the business. “We love helping mums back into the workforce and are proud to offer a safe, effective, TGA approved product to Australian families that really works.”

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