2020 brings Sydney songwriter and performer Vetty Vials into a brand new creative chapter. Having first established herself  on the touring circuit back in 2017 with the I am okay, I promise EP, the artist has developed into a formidable new voice with evocative stories to burn. Her debut album, Conversations with Myself, is the perfect introduction to Vetty Vials’s sound, while single Pride leads from the front with heart.

The single, as well as the album, has introspection tinged throughout. The last three years of writing and performing has left an invaluable effect on Vetty Vials and her brand; the dynamic of the group strengthening beyond compare. Pride encapsulates this strength beautifully.

Navigating personal  and creative identities, the embraced and dissolution of relationships, Pride and Conversations With Myself centres on a young artist simply working things out in the medium she best knows how. “Conversations With Myself is a combination of songs about feeling lost, dissecting relationships and navigating your 20s,” said Vetty Vials.  “Generally, the songwriting process would start with me writing a song on acoustic and then coming to the band to get their input. I was lucky to change that up a lot on this record. It’s changed the sound dramatically and I’m super happy with how these songs turned out.”

Supporting the likes of Press Club, The Lazy Susans and The Bennies in the past opened Vetty Vials up further to the tight Aussie punk/pop community – a community that has become family to Vetty and her band. Releasing this new record on Melbourne DIY label Whisk and Key Records is a natural progression for the group, who have long been generating strong ties with the east coast scene.

“I love touring, which is why we do it as a band so regularly. Playing shows and meeting so many new people makes all of the financial and time investment into this project worth it. The difference in sound between this record and my first EP is huge,” said Vetty. “I have come a long way as a songwriter, performing alongside my band and I can’t wait to get it out for people to hear.”

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