Sophie Nathan is an online retail space that aims to raise awareness for mental health issues, reduce the stigma and silence, and encourage constructive conversation.

Its business is reflective of the socio-political times, aiming to speak truth to power with statements and images emblazoned on its garments. Valuing Australian-made and -designed products, all materials are sustainably sourced and environmentally conscious.

With a hands-on approach to business, all designed are curated on the highest quality fabrics. The shirts designed have abstract faces and empowering quotes that represent the company’s values: feminism, equality for the LGBTQIA+ community, and advocating for mental health issues and education.

One of the faces, Suzette, is the matriarch of Sophie Nathan. She is bold, brazen and unapologetically ruthless in giving truth to power. Suzette is representative of feminism — raising awareness to the plight that women face simply for their gender, globally.

Women still face unequal pay, sexual harassment, domestic violence, intimidation and discrimination. Girls are subject to child marriage and opportunities to receive an education are often not available to them. It is Sophie Nathan’s goal to inspire conversations surrounding the struggles that women face to raise awareness and affect change.

Sophie Nathan wants to take back the power, so women are admired for their intelligence, beauty and strength in every form. To stop the objectification of women and ensure that each girl has equal opportunity to their male counterparts is vital.

To create a community that inspires meaningful conversation and, ultimately, change for the better is at the core of Sophie Nathan — to empower the everyday freedom fighter to speak up for important issues, while celebrating the subjective ways we all see the world. Empowering and inspiring the everyday freedom fighter to wear their beliefs loud and proud while bringing awareness to important issues.

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