Like many of the best stories, this one started in Europe.

When she was a student travelling throughout England, France, Russia and all the countries in between, Lannah Dunn encountered the area’s antique jewellery.

The design was elegant, the craftsmanship was delicate, the gold and platinum metals were striking and multi-coloured: she was enchanted.

“I felt sure that my love of these magnificent pieces would be something many likeminded girls would share with me, and to this day 32 years later, they do,” said Lannah.

In 1985, she opened her first Lannah Dunn boutique in Toowoomba, introducing antique jewellery to the city and finding a market ready for the designs.

Lannah sourced world-class jewels, new and vintage, to ensure customers discovered the pieces that were best suited for them.

“As all of these beautiful jewels are one-off pieces, to satisfy the needs of our customers, it became necessary to design pieces sympathetic to the vintage style but newly made to overcome the increasingly limited supply,” she said.

In the years since, the brand has blossomed into a family affair with Lannah’s two daughters joining the business after completing their tertiary studies and obligatory international work stints.Eala runs the Tattersall’s Arcade location, opened in Brisbane 10 years ago, while Bridie handles the company’s marketing and social media platforms.

The duo also started high fashion collection Miss Dunn a few years ago, and join Lannah at international jewellery forums, design workshops, jewellery fairs and gemstone exhibitions. Constant travel is, of course, fodder for constant inspiration. Abroad, the trio source pieces for their antique line while discovering designs for their own collections, all keeping with the timeless style and sophistication inherent in Lannah Dunn jewellery.

“Many customers enjoy consultation with the Lannah Dunn girls to assist with their evolving collection and our ever increasing requests to create bespoke pieces — whether it be with existing family pieces or a new creation.”

Social media has helped the jewellery reach more distant shores, with orders now coming in from Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, London and Christchurch, among other places.

Despite their international success, Lannah and her daughters have stayed firmly true to their roots, involved in both local and international charities.They launched the Sparkling Pink Affair charity event 10 years ago, donating more than $10,000 directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Our events continue to grow and our partnerships with various rural and regional specific charities is something we continue to nurture most latterly being Women of Strength luncheon with Ita Buttrose and Women of Strength Dinner with Magda Szubanski,” said Lannah.

That engagement with the community captures the heart of the Lannah Dunn experience: it is not just about helping people find the pieces they need, but cultivating relationships. It is a place where customers return time after time, milestone after milestone, generation after generation. For the women behind the brand, it is about guiding customers to create unforgettable stories of their own. Their secret to laying the foundation for that story?

“Keep an open mind, don’t be influenced by others and choose something that will bring you pleasure for the rest of your life,” said Lannah.

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