At the age of 12, Fiori Giovanni’s marriage was already arranged. By 14 she was recruited to work in the Eritrean army. At 15, Giovanni made the harrowing decision to flee war-torn Eritrea without friends or family. She crossed five continents and 20 countries in search of knowledge, personal growth and strength; eventually settling in Australia. Her destiny, like that of so many other girls in third world countries had been dictated, defined and determined. Yet Giovanni defied her destiny.

As a result of repeatedly overcoming harrowing life experiences and insurmountable obstacles, Giovanni decoded her own steps toward survival, transformation and success, creating a framework that empowers others to do the same. Giovanni has now written a book, Defy Your Destiny, which takes readers through her life story and journey to Australia, while sharing her framework to help anyone, anywhere, live a fulfilling, purposeful, exciting life of their choosing.

Defy Your Destiny is hard to put down. In it, Giovanni explains what happened to her as a child, young woman and adolescent after she defied her destiny and crossed the world looking for a new home. One where she could make her own decisions and live her best life. She chose Australia. The book also covers some of the insights Giovanni gained about life, and how it can be applied to many aspects of our lives, including business. She’s now a highly sought-after and respected business and executive coach, as well as a speaker and media commentator.

These days Giovanni has a stable, comfortable life with her partner Ben and their gorgeous baby Odis. Giovanni continues to help people across the country live their best lives from her base in Melbourne. Her story is one of inspiration and hope. She is living proof that anyone can defy their destiny if they want to badly enough.

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