After a successful season in Melbourne’s CBD as a free public exhibition, the Women in Sport Photo Action Awards (WISPAA) exhibition is making its way to 13 retail sites throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia from September through to the end of November.

The WISPAA exhibition is a collection of photographs that showcase the strength, skill and athleticism of Australia’s leading sportswomen, aimed at making action photos of sportswomen normal. The exhibition features the photographs of 30 winners and finalists, including images from an array of different sports. “You will be able to get up close and marvel at the intimidating level of power, courage and control captured in these inspirational images by award winning WISPAA photographers”  said Women in Sport Australia’s Louise Evans.

Olympic swimming champion, Bronte Campbell, describes female athletes as gladiators, not fitness models, and Women in Sport Australia are passionate about ensuring Australia’s sportswomen are portrayed and perceived in this way, as gladiators of their sport. Dedicated to improving all aspects of sport for women, Women in Sport are fighting for access to equal pay, equal media time, as well as access to career progression, leadership and mentoring opportunities. This dedication is helping to change the media and public perception and portrayal of women in sport, and WISPAA’s national tour is an important factor in this, made possible by the ongoing support of superannuation fund investor IPST, who resonate strongly with showcasing female athletes performing at their best.

Women in Sport Photo Action Awards exhibition begins in Frankston Victoria.  Find the full list of exhibition stages here.

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