Karen Foelz, founder of Spring & Grove, believes in healthy living. She is passionate about finding products that offer the best of both worlds – quality and taste, without compromising on health. Her entrepreneurial endeavours recently saw her named as a recipient in the Lord Mayor’s Global Entrepreneur Program.

Karen has launched a healthy alternative to processed sugar filled drinks, Spring & Grove. As a mum to young kids she was constantly looking for healthier alternatives to stock the family fridge and kitchen cupboards. “I wanted to ensure that what I was consuming set a good example. I also wanted to provide my family with good nutrition but I needed to keep it interesting so they didn’t get too bored,” she said.

Spring & Grove’s range of premium fruit-infused Australian sparkling water is 100 per cent natural spring water, sourced from the purest underground springs in Western Victoria, infused with essences and oils from real fruit. Noting that Australia is now dealing with the obesity crisis first hand, Karen believes small steps are ultimately the key to cultural change in our diets and eating habits. “I would definitely encourage founders, and future founders, to push the boundaries in the food innovation space. We need more healthy alternatives to sugar-laden and processed products, and creating healthy alternatives is the first step to creating positive habits,” said Karen.

Karen is no stranger to the world of start ups. Previously she launched Brisbane’s first floral subscription service Urban Bloom, and was keen to build the business like a lean startup. She also has first hand experience in building ideas into reality as an advocate for student entrepreneurship at QUT. Bringing her vision for Spring & Grove to life involved working with a food technologist to ensure Spring & Grove could be crafted without preservatives. “All in all, you don’t have to deprive yourself to be healthy. With Spring & Grove I wanted to contribute a quality product, made with the best intentions, to help people along their health journeys,” she said.

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