Senior business journalist, Susan Edmunds, has released her new book, Starting Out Starting Over: A Single Woman’s Guide to Money in Australia, as a practical guide on managing finances for woman in need.

Edmunds is driven by a desire to boost financial literacy, and help woman realise that managing money is not as hard or intimidating as it appears. The senior business journalist specialises in personal finance issues, writing both long form and daily news coverage. She started her career as the editor of a university magazine before moving into radio and online news.

In Starting Out Starting Over, Edmunds discusses everything from ditching debt to building savings, and from investing to insurance, in language that is easy to understand. The book is suitable for those who are starting out in their career, as well as those who are starting over after ending a relationship. Starting Out Starting Over, guides the reader through every part of securing their financial future.

Edmunds says her guide is useful for anyone seeking financial advice. “Whether you’re a young woman leaving school and getting a job for the first time, wanting to start out on the right track; you’ve realised that you should be a bit more sorted than you are by now; you’re suddenly-single after a mid-life marriage split or you’re approaching retirement as a single woman, I’ll help you understand that there’s no special secret, no specific type of person who’s good with money,” says Edmunds.

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