Stephanie Shepherd started in the beauty industry at age 16, full of ideas and dreams for where her future in beauty could take her. She applied herself to her craft, learning and evolving along the way, with her hard work paying off when she successfully opened her own salon, Stephanie’s Natural Beauty, in Camp Hill in 1994. Stephanie said that she loved every moment despite working a grueling six days and two nights per week in her modest two room beauty salon, as it ignited her dream to create outstanding day spas that truly delivered an unforgettable experience in every aspect.

She continued her journey with this business philosophy to guide her actions and decision making, and is proving to be a big success. In 2017, Stephanie’s Luxury Spas won Best Luxury Spa Group in Australia at the World Luxury Spa Awards in Vietnam. Each of Stephanie’s five locations also took home individual prizes: in the Continent category, Stephanie’s Spa Retreat won Best Luxury Hotel Spa and Stephanie’s Urban Spa won Best Luxury Urban Escape Spa. In the Country category, Stephanie’s Vintage Spa won Best Luxury Boutique Spa, Stephanie’s Mountain Spa won Best Luxury Spa Retreat, and Stephanie’s Ocean Spa won Best Luxury Resort Spa.

Stephanie’s Luxury Spa Group, which believes in embracing new technologies, respecting ancient rituals, stepping away from the ordinary and creating breathtaking treatments, is now celebrating its 24th birthday. Stephanie and her business have come a long way from those two treatment rooms in Camp Hill. The business now has an outstanding team of 60 staff, five exquisite day spas and an amazing Head Office building with training and conference room facilities as well as a commercial spa laundry.

Stephanie reflects on her experience in the industry: “Securing success in an ever-changing market has been as constantly challenging as it is rewarding. However, we are committed to delivering unsurpassed guest service and unparalleled spa therapies which have earned us a reputation for excellence within the Australian Spa industry.”

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