Pauline McKinnon, owner and founding director of the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre wants everybody to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Through her relaxation and meditation sessions in her Kew, Melbourne, studio, she is helping people do just that.

“Thousands of people will start their end of year holidays this year with an airline flight that they absolutely hate,” she said. “It is completely normal to feel some level of anxiety heading into a holiday however some people are so scared of flying that it affects their enjoyment of the upcoming holiday and increases personal health risks too, anxiety can cause spikes in your blood pressure.” Pauline says that this anxiety can cause serious harm to your health as anxiety can cause hyperventilation and lead to panic attacks. She says that anxiety creates too much nervous tension and when this becomes habitual, anxiety becomes a constant companion. “Some people are so fearful of flying that they avoid traveling anywhere that involves getting on an aircraft. This reduces their holiday options significantly and fills their lives with potential disappointment.”

“I have helped many people over the years to overcome their fear of flying by teaching them intensive meditation. At my Centre we aim to help people master anxiety before anxiety masters them,” said Pauline. “The underlying issue associated with fear of flying is control, or the feeling of not being in control. For some there is also a feeling of claustrophobia, because they are trapped in a confined space,” she added.

Pauline describes that in stillness meditation therapy, people learn to deeply relax their mind. In this way, reactivity is reduced naturally and travellers can look forward to an easier journey.

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