Styl Living founder Urvashi describes her artisan furniture and giftware business as a one woman army.

The successful businesswoman does everything from manufacturing and importing the products, to keeping the books and running the business in Australia. “I have my own manufacturing business back in India as well as importing the products myself,” says Urvashi. “So it is a one girl army! I sourced my manufacturers myself and then I import to Australia. I don’t need to hire anyone in Australia or India, so I have cut off all the commissions and overheads. It is the perfect scenario.”

Urvashi established Styl Living in 2018, after she noticed an opportunity to deliver high end furniture and homewares for more affordable prices. “I could see the gap in the similar high end furniture and homewares market,” Urvashi said. “Other businesses prices were much higher than I could list and I wanted to make them affordable to more people.”

Urvashi has always been passionate about homewares and furnishings, and saw the opportunity to make this dream a reality in Australia. “When I was in India, in college, my friend was doing interior designing and I loved seeing her do this. I loved selecting my own furnishings for my home and co-ordinating everything. Unfortunately I never studied designing. After having children and with our eldest son being school age, I wanted to spend more time with them and follow my passion. So I started this business, it is very exciting. I get to introduce the beauty of India here to Australia.”

She dedicates her success to her husband’s support. “There is a slogan that behind every successful man there is a woman, well in my case there is my wonderful husband behind me. My husband Akshay is really supportive, we have a 14 month old baby boy and he is so wonderful and the only reason I can run this business when we have children.”

The couple has been living in Australia for nearly 11 years. Urvashi says, “we feel Australian and have great likeminded friends here. We have met so many passionate business people and friends and are so lucky in our life.”

Urvashi is proud of how far the business has come, but is also excited for the future, with new stock set to arrive shortly. “Our second stock drop is here soon and I have some ceramic handles and furniture knobs, doorknobs, hooks, bathroom accessories,” she said. “Also I have some plates, bowls and incredible marble goods coming. Marble décor that will go very well. I couldn’t find them here at all. The lovely hand painted ceramic pieces that I know so well from India. Some of the interior designers have requested these products and so we are bringing them in.”

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