Creative Director of emerging Australian ethical fashion label Gloria Dulcie Alexandra Coleborn is seeking to re-evoke the desire for personal style, focuses on creating quality pieces with a poetic touch and blossoming in the radiance of modern femininity.

Alex bases her studio at QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, and after graduating with a Diploma in Fashion and Textiles she worked in the industry while travelling and compiling her inspirations. As the desire to communicate artistically with the world around her grew, Alex has decided to build her own business and established the independent brand Gloria Dulcie which aligns her passion for design with her ethical values over the past two years. Since launching in February Gloria Dulcie has become a member of the Australian Fashion Council and was accepted into AFC Curated, a valuable initiative supporting Australian labels. Currently Gloria Dulcie stocks online platform, Alice Is Back and Sunshine Coast store, Bohemian Sundays whilst selling via the online store and doing pop-up shops.

With the enthusiasm for fashion and the devotion to offering people with the most suitable and stylish outfits, Alex is looking to expand Gloria Dulcie’s stockists and is seeking pop-up opportunities to connect personally with customers. Like her label, Alex is relatable and reflective, a woman who believes in building a supportive network of creative women. Editor in Chief of Tidal Magazine Jessica Abraham said it was her pleasure to present the launch of Gloria Dulcie to the Sunshine Coast community. “Alex has created something truly beautiful in Gloria Dulcie. Her designs are unique, thoughtful and exquisitely intricate in all their subtle details. Alex’s vision has stamped her a force to be reckoned with and we are proud to say Gloria Dulcie was born on the Sunshine Coast,” said Jessica. Creative Director of Bohemian Sundays Georga Leisemann believed Gloria Dulcie’s combination of alternative colours and fabrics will be able to cater for customers with different needs and tastes, creating wonderful and unique pieces for them.

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