Prominent Brisbane artist Sarah Hickey is back in the limelight with her exciting new range women’s silk Kimonos entitled Kindred, draping some of Queensland’s most celebrated women. Known for her complex layering of imagery and patterns, this is the second collection of apparel she has released. This depiction of beauty and spiritual iconography is evident on these garments, demonstrating her artistic prowess through vibrant colours and patterns.

Hickey has been a powerhouse in the industry for quite some time, coming from humble beginnings within Queensland. After completing her bachelor degrees in fine arts and education, she began teaching her passion in high schools across the state. After five years she began started a new chapter in her life and she began to produce art professionally, after a long hiatus from her own creative practice. In her lifetime she has held over eleven solo shows and participated in thirty group exhibitions. Her works have earned her finalist positions in the Redland Art Awards, The Mandorla Art Awards, the Kenilworth Painting Prize, and many more. She has been featured in the popular online fashion magazine Curvy, a platform for creative women to share and connect. She has also completed notable works within the Brisbane area, recently completing a mural for the Brisbane Street Art Festival at Howard Smith Wharves.

Hickey draws inspiration from female idols and visionaries, with feminine undertones evident in her clothing range and artworks. She depicts these female figures in a variety of different histories and contexts to create strong, abstract situations. These elegant and effervescent gowns are a testament to Hickey’s abilities as an artist, solidifying her as one of Queensland’s most prominent figures within the industry.

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