Helen Baker is an Australian licensed financial adviser and founder of On Your Own Two Feet, an Australia-wide service dedicated to empowering women to gain and retain their financial freedom.

Holding a degree in Commerce and two master’s degrees in Innovation and Change Management, and Financial Planning, the global financial crisis proved a turning point personally and professionally for Helen. She seized the opportunity to become educated and knowledgeable about money matters beyond her home-spun more dash than cash upbringing and changed careers. Ever since she has been determined to empower women through financial literacy. Her first book, On Your Own Two Feet: Steady Steps to Women’s Financial Independence was published in 2014. Proceeds from her books go to charities supporting disadvantaged women.

Helen now welcomes the forthcoming release of her new book On Your Own Two Feet Divorce: Your Survive and Thrive Financial Guide. Around 50,000 Australian women go through separation or divorce every year and knowing how to navigate to financial independence can be difficult. Helen’s latest book draws on more than a decade of financial planning experience and a no-nonsense view of the world to present a practical guide to negotiating financial settlement. The book guides readers through the stages of separation and divorce – pre-settlement, negotiation, and post-settlement – providing foundations for a financial rebuild to enjoy life. It aims to empower women to make more educated and informed decisions about their financial situation, shining the light on common mistakes and myths to improve their financial literacy.

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