From a skilled computer programmer to a published author it has been a long and windy road for Suzanne Burke. Suzanne started her career in Information Technology as a computer programmer and IT analyst.

After taking time out to have kids, Suzanne discovered the IT landscape had changed rapidly, and her skill set was no longer relevant. Showing resilience and the ability to adapt, she undertook roles as a software tester, technical writer and then as a business analyst. During this time she also gained a qualification in professional writing.

After re-establishing her career, she was dealt a blow when chronic illness and the frequent hospitalisation of a family member caused Suzanne to put her career on hold again. Around this time she worked in and out of her husband’s construction business, as time permitted. She used her IT and business skills to transform the company. After just two years in the construction industry, Suzanne received awards for her business transformation skills from both the WA and the National Housing Industry Association.

Her latest project has seen her draw on her analysis and writing skills to extract years of renovation experience and knowledge from Steve, her builder husband, to put together and publish a book on home renovations, Nail Your Renovation Without Getting Screwed. According to one reviewer, this comprehensive book looks set to become a ‘renovators bible of what to and what not to do’ when renovating your home.

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