Australian Gold ARIA certified singer-songwriter Sydnee Carter has released her latest and most anticipated single yet, Drug Was You, described as a fresh, palpable take on the addictive side effects of the most dangerous drug of them all: love.

Written in collaboration with Wasteland (Matt Riley) and Justin Martins, Sydnee’s new tune casts a delicate tempo of regret and sincerity, accompanied by a strong beating undercurrent. Sydnee simultaneously sees this need through a negative lens whilst reminiscing on her past life.

“I wanted to write a song about longing for a lifetime past, after the love that is supposedly gone. Instead of drawing to a close, the hurt keeps brewing into a driving infatuation, culminating into an emotional cataclysm and realisation. My drug was always you. But of course, listeners can interpret how they like,” says Sydnee.

At only 23 years of age, Sydnee has already mastered the art of a free-flowing, beat-driven soundscapes while sweetly showcasing an emotional maturity audiences can universally relate to. To work on her music, Sydnee has cleverly drawn mentorship and aspiration from music legends such as Nick Atkinson (Ronan Keating, Lewis Capaldi) and Edd Holloway (Lewis Capaldi, Dean Lewis).

Since winning the prestigious Western Australian Music Song Of the Year at the age of seventeen, Sydnee has been teaming up with artists across various genres such as Duke & Jones, European DJ Leroy Styles, and Australian artists Paces, 360, Kuren and Slumberjack to name a few – with no doubt more exciting collaborations to be anticipated, Sydnee’s musical diversity is bound to launch her further into the national and international music sphere.

Drug Was You is out now!

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