Launching her business from her bedroom as a uni student, Tammy Green has taken the fashion world by storm. Tammy’s vision for a simple design with quality neoprene material has created a fashion statement.

With very humble beginnings, Green created the first prototype bag which her mum carried out to dinner. After receiving many compliments during her night out Green knew she was on to something big. Providing women with a fashionable, washable, easy to use accessory that gives women an easy fashionable option, the neoprene material is a great, lightweight option for an everyday bag. Prene Bags have become a must-have fashion accessory. Their bags are easy to use, washable and versatile with a sportluxe style that is unique in its own. With a craze in active wear chic hitting our shores, Green’s vision for Prene Bags ideally aligned with the comfortable, sporty look that still has a ‘put together’ and chic edge to its style. Prene Bags can easily be taken from the playground filled with kids essentials to the office. Tammy understands the juggle of Aussie women, well all women in fact, that means they must have versatile and useful accessories that succumb to many different activities and needs.

With incredible alignments including the well loved The Bec Bag, a collaboration between Rebecca Judd X Prene Bags that speaks to women. Prene Bags has become a staple in many Australian women’s wardrobes. From busy mums on the go who love the washable material to trendsetters who love the chicness, Prene Bags is made for every woman. Green’s passion and vision behind the brand brings a sense of genuineness to her products, creating an incredibly wonderful community of women that rally together in fashion and beyond.

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