Tanya Abbey is CEO of Black Wolf Group, a leader in the Australian recruitment industry. She founded the company with her husband Peter Tsokelenis six years ago. Their aim was to revolutionise the recruitment field through innovation and disruption.

The Blackwolf Group now has offices in Australia’s major cities and has facilitated thousands of successful job placements. Black Wolf Consulting focuses on helping clients grow their businesses. The Group aims to foster strong, ongoing relationships with clients.

Tanya is also the creator of two Human Resources-related platforms, CoHealth Workplace Management and Placeme.com.au. She recently won two international 2020 Bronze Stevie Awards for ‘Most Innovative Use of Technology During a Pandemic’ and ‘Most Valuable HR Professional’.

The mother of two young boys also volunteers her services as an accredited Queensland government Small Business Mentor, helping small businesses in the Mentoring for Growth program. The latest global figures of women in senior management roles has stalled at last year’s rate of 29 per cent. Tanya feels reluctant towards the title of CEO, because of the connotations it has with superiority and distance.

“Many women prefer to be founders, talent directors or general managers,” said Tanya. She believes that focusing on nurturing is important, particularly in the human resources and recruitment arena, and says studies have found that female CEOs scored higher in humility and were more likely to attribute their success to the team around them. “I strive for a humane and personal approach. My employees know I am a mother of young children and I let them see that I have bad days too. My role, in fact, the essence of our business, it to champion people and support them. I can’t imagine doing it any other way,” said Tanya.

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