Australia’s own Emma Anglesey is sweeping the music scene with her “hypnotic dark pop” music. Hailing from Tasmania, Emma draws inspiration from natural landscapes. This influence has made its way into her new single, Swells My Heart. Having been playlisted by Double J and ABC Radio, and used by Triple J to advertise Triple J Unearthed, Emma is emerging as one of Tasmania’s top artists to watch.

Swells My Heart is one of the first singles from Emma’s upcoming album, Some Things Can’t Be Undone, released on June 29.  To celebrate, Emma is set to hit the road with Some Things Can’t Be Undone, beginning in Melbourne on August 11, and touring through the ACT, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

Voicing her own thoughts on Swells My Heart, Emma reflects that “there are times in our lives when passion totally over takes us in spite of our reasonableness.  It makes even the most normal person feel urges and provocations that are absolutely overpowering. We awake in a moment shocked at ourselves, full of crazy passion and power because of the biochemistry pumping through our veins is louder than reason.  This song is about that feeling.”

The song was produced by Joshua Barber (Gotye, Archie Roach, Gretta Ray) and recorded at his studio in Melbourne. “I met Emma at a small folk festival in Tasmania and she was one of the stand-out writers I heard there, so I told her I’d love to work with her,” Josh said. “Emma’s songs are thematically articulate, with visual and almost tactile lyrics that I really enjoyed working to and selecting sounds that build towards these emotional environments.”

Set to play tracks from Some Things Can’t Be Undone at venues all across the country, Emma has already appeared at Woodford Folk Festival, Party in the Paddock and MONA FOMA.  In 2017 she supported The Waifs’ 25th Anniversary Tour and the JUNO-award-winning Canadian based East Pointers, and she was chosen to be one of five Tasmanian acts to play at Music Tasmania’s BIGSOUND Showcase. Emma has also featured at a number of Tasmanian Festivals including A Festival Called Panama, Festival of Voices, DARK MOFO and Falls Festival.

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