After debuting with her first book, Tara – Memoirs from the Boudoir, Tara Taylor has recently released her latest memoir – Tara: Behind Closed Doors.  In her new book, published by New Holland, Tara shares her personal stories in a world that she knew little about at the first place.

Taylor Tara did not start her career as a sex worker until she was in her forties. In 2009, 10 years after a failed marriage ended, Tara decided not to have her sex life taken for granted. She describes entering the sex-industry as a ‘random act’. Looking back at her decade in the sex industry, Tara, as described in her first book, believes that the experience has led to immense personal growth and learning. She also believes it has changed her views of men and given her a greater empathy, and that the sex industry is an essential service.

Tara arrived in Australia at 18 months of age in the 1960s with her parents and two older sisters as ‘10-pound poms’. She left school in Brisbane at the age of 15 to work with her parents in a car detailing business.  When she was 17, the family moved to Chinchilla where they purchased a motel/caravan park in which she worked. Later they purchased another that she managed. Tara married a local man at the age of 24 and together they worked on farms and dairies. At the age of 26, she was pregnant with her first child, and they moved to Cairns. Two years later while she was pregnant with her second child, Tara’s mother passed away after a very short battle with Leukemia. Marriage problems between Tara and her husband floated into appearance shortly afterwards while she was pregnant with her third child.

Separating from her husband when she was 33,  Tara raising her three children as a single mother while running a small business.  She has made many media appearances, including being asked to participate ABC television’s “You Can’t Ask That”. She has also been interviewed about safe sex practices. Besides the media coverage she received, Tara is also nominated in the Australian Adult Industry Awards for her book, Tara: Memoirs from the Boudoir.

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