Rene Herald is the founder and managing director of Temple Skincare and Spa, a company with a business model of love and kindness.  Rene is the heart of the company, which she describes simply as an extension of herself. Temple Skincare and Spa is a brand focused on exceptional customer service, innovation, ongoing education for staff and clients, and providing access to high quality technology, products and services that deliver results. As well as good service, Temple Skincare and Spa bleed love and kindness into the community, partnering with Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands as their official charity, raising thousands of dollars to help feed homeless families and school children.  The inspiration behind this partnership stems from Rene’s desire to empower those who are in need and to give back.

On August 25th 2019, Temple Skincare and Spa were awarded their fourth national ABIA Salon/Spa of the year and Salon/Spa of the year NSW award.  Looking at Temple Skincare and Spa’s approach to business, it becomes evident why. The ABIA awards are a big deal, honoring the best of the best, and being the only National Business awards-giving body in the beauty industry, recognising salons and spas, business owners, artists and individuals with exemplary contributions to the industry.

Temple Skincare and Spa can be described as “not your average day spa”, combining the latest dermal technologies with the holistic, aiming not only to pamper the client, but to advise, heal and bring each customer closer to their skin and body goals.  This approach to a day spa allows clients to become part of the “Temple family”, a group of women who support, nurture and empower each other. Rene says the success of Temple Skincare and Spa is largely to do with her team, “when team members are happy, motivated and rewarded, their clients sense the passion and love the therapists have for both the business and their work,”

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