Temple Skincare & Spa is celebrating 17 years in business, believing its understanding of treating each client not just as an appointment but an opportunity to heal as the reason behind its success. The company has an ethos that each team member or the boss is family and that the brand is a philosophy rather than just a business.

In the past 17 years, there have been many ups and downs, but it is easy to say that the Temple Skincare & Spa has succeeded and will continue to do so in its vision of creating a community of women nurturing and healing each other, not only skin deep, but to the core. At the heart of Temple Spa is owner Rene Herald and her dream team of beauty specialists. Rene, having built and sustained the business through the 2008 global recession, is a testament to the excellence and superior service and care that one gets for any spa packages or sessions. “We are blessed to offer our clients more than just steps in a facial or a little pampering, itโ€™s that something special just for her and her alone. Our lives are hectic and sometimes the juggling of life can wear us down,” said Rene.

This service is something that can only be achieved by treating each client with the utmost respect and professionalism. To achieve treatment that is exceptional one has to be passionate about spa treatments and customer service. “So when a client comes into The Temple Skincare to redeem that facial voucherย  she received 6 months ago,ย  she has had to shuffle the routine & babysitters just to have one hour to herself … now what we as therapists can offer this lady is so much more than a facial on a voucher, it is a transformation of her soul.”

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