Karen Williams is a coach, speaker, trainer and writer. She helps leaders and managers to build cultures of accountability, collaboration and alignment through trust.

The idea for her business sparked during her work in the field of Restorative Justice within the Queensland State Government. Restorative Justice (RJ) is a legal process that brings together people who offend against the law and the victims of those crimes to have real, open, honest conversations, and to repair the harm caused and ultimately restore trust. Given her experience in the corporate world, Karen could see a need in business for the combination of the RJ methodology and her experience as a coach in mindset and human behavior. She took a leap of faith and returned to Melbourne to start her new business.

Karen has been building her business for the last seven years and as with any business, there have been many challenges along the way. Her alignment with co-sharing space, has helped her combat some of the isolation that can come with being an entrepreneur and starting or building a business venture.

Karen says in Cubes she’s found “A like-minded tribe, where I’ve met amazing people and feel connected and supported. Being around clever, passionate, focused, inspiring people has been such a powerful injection of energy into my own growth as a business owner.”

“Finding alignment with our vision and then taking aligned action is critical. That’s how we learn and grow, and yes it means failing. We must say yes and work it out as we go, developing confidence and presence along the way. Moving from hiding and doubting to leading and influencing is the journey we take. Along this journey, we can get stuck in the state I call ‘Becoming’. When we make the shift from Becoming to Believing and leap, exciting things happen.”

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