Emma Lea Corbett, known by her stage name, Suzie Q, built a successful career out of wearing nothing more than high heels. But beneath the glittery eye shadow and girly charm is a savvy businesswoman at the head of a successful business empire.

While performing as an exotic dancer, she began her communications degree at university, thus beginning her double life as a university student by day and stripper by night. Despite completing her degree, she chose to turn her passion for pole dancing into a career—learning not only about the business of getting naked for money, but the importance of following your heart, even if society (or your parents) do not approve. 

According to Emma, while she had always been interested in the world of adult entertainment, it was not until one day between exams that she plucked up the courage to buy a new bra and knickers and head over to the red light district in Sydney.

Over the years, through pole dancing, stripping and performances, Emma has realised what she will and will not do – something which she says is most important in the adult entertainment industry: ‘You have to identify your boundaries quite quickly,’ she said. ‘I remember one experience in Queensland when someone slid their hands down my legs and I didn’t like it. You have to check in with yourself and tap into those boundaries. ‘You should never be afraid to say no.’ 

During her time in the industry, Emma has moved through many different forms of exotic dancing, from working at strip clubs to stripograms and feature shows at people’s houses. She has also competed in pole dancing competitions both internationally and in Australia since 2005 – and has become one of the longest serving pole dancers in Australia.

‘Suzie Q—exotic dancer turned business-savvy entrepreneur—bares all! A no holds barred account of her secret life as a stripper and what happens when it all comes crashing down.’

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