Coming straight off the back of her single Holding Your Hand, young Melbourne singer-songwriter THIA has swooped back in with more dreamy sounds on her debut EP Building Blocks.

Thea Fitzgerald, or THIA as she is known in the business, is a newbie to the music industry.  A middle child, food nut and self-confessed sucker for all things creative, THIA says she has always drawn inspiration from everything, however, on a recent trip to Morrocco her inspiration skyrocketed.

Finding inspiration in musicians such as Frank Ocean, Kehlani, and The Staple Diva’s, THIA’s sound can be described as a dreamy voice in front of a groovy melody.  Her music has definite tones of the 80’s, stemming from her childhood, growing up listening to the likes of The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Crowded House and Paul Kelly. Acknowledging this inspiration behind her music, THIA put together and shared a Spotify playlist containing the music that inspired her EP, allowing fans behind the scenes.

At just 23, THIA has channelled hard times into her songs.  Holding Your Hand, her recent single, was the first song she wrote for the EP, “It was written when a loved one was really struggling, and I felt like I had run out of options trying to help them.  The song came out of feeling incredibly frustrated and angry with them for ‘not letting’ things improve, and feeling so trapped because I loved them far too much not to be as invested as I was”.

As well as two stand-alone singles, THIA has played at Montreux Jazz Festival and Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and had her EP debuted on Triple J. If you’re into the likes of Wafia and Kehlani then Building Blocks is right up your street, a catchy fusion of pop, indie and R&B with infectious hooks.

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