A 10-year friendship and shared passion to make the world better has seen two Brisbane women announce the city’s newest lunch event with heart: THE BIG LUNCH October 7, 2022

THE BIG LUNCH is the brainchild and passion project of Brisbane’s Carla Haddan (QCF Philanthropist of the year 2022) and Tracey Watkins, both already much loved and respected for their work lives, and their commitment to charities. Tracey is CEO and founder of Brisbane-based fashion label White Label Noba and Carla is a Mummy’s Wish Ambassador and leading real estate agent. Together they are unstoppable.

“One of the greatest powers of friendship is a shared cause. Ten years ago, I met Carla Haddan and knew instantly we would work together for good, that we shared a love of people, places and reasons to come together to make the world a better place. On Friday October 7 we are holding THE BIG LUNCH, to do just this. We hope Brisbane rallies and joins us,” said Tracey Watkins.

“Carla is supporting Mummy’s Wish, a charity supporting mothers diagnosed with cancer, and a cause very, very close to her heart and lived experience, and I am championing The Queensland Brain Institute, which is researching causes and cures for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia – the reason my beloved mum Vonnie Healy was taken from me far too early.”

 “Dementia is the leading cause of death for Australian women, and there is currently no cure. This year, there’s some 500,000 Australians living with it, and another almost 1.6 million people involved in their care. I understand first-hand the impact dementia has on someone and their loved ones and monies raised at the lunch will fund a Ph.D. student each year at the UQ Queensland Brain Institute (QBI).”

Carla’s Haddan’s story is one for the ages. Mummy’s Wish Ambassador and leading real estate agent, Carla is known and loved for creating unforgettable fundraising events to help women touched by cancer… because she has lived it.

In 2005, she lost her 31-year-old best friend and mum of three young children, Helen Hackett, to breast cancer. To celebrate Helen’s life, Carla and her friends established the Helen Hackett Foundation and raised an incredible $525,000 to purchase two digital mammography units for Brisbane’s Wesley hospital.

Then the unthinkable happened – in July of 2013, Carla was diagnosed advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and spent the next 12 months fighting for her life, whilst also caring for her 5-year-old son. Mummy’s Wish was there for Carla and her family, and she vowed that when she was well again, she would help Mummy’s Wish support other families in their time of need.

She has most definitely done this, and more. Carla has been in remission for 7 years and since 2005, has raised over $1,000,000 to support mums with cancer who have young children. Mummy’s Wish currently supports 1000 mums per year and has no government funding, making fundraising events like The Big Lunch vital.

THE BIG LUNCH – a celebration of friendship and the future

Presented by Carla Haddan & Tracey Watkins

Queensland Brain Institute



11:30am arrival for lunch

BUY TICKETS: THE BIG LUNCH 2022 – Hosted by Carla Haddan & Tracey Watkins – Stanley FRONT DECK – Sticky Tickets

After party – Mr Percival’s – Howard Smith Wharves

Salon Parade for Summer 2022/23 from White Label Noba and Samantha Ogilvie – Auctions, Raffles and lots of fun.

Tickets $300 and include a delicious Stanley Banquet lunch and drinks.

Inclusive of ticket is 1 entry into the draw to win a YSL handbag valued at over $2,700.