With her bright smile and bubbly personality, you would be forgiven for thinking that Gold Coast woman, Vanessa Haldane, has had an easy life. A quick visit to Instagram shows Vanessa sharing her own unbelievable but true story of childhood trauma and abuse, domestic violence, teen motherhood, disordered eating and mental illness, to her community of nearly 18k women.

Launching her positive movement Journey To Worthy earlier this year, Vanessa has inspired women globally to become empowered, overcome past traumas, societal ideals and ongoing obstacles in life.

Whilst the movement started on Instagram, Vanessa felt the pull to create something bigger. “I created this online space, this community, but I felt that women needed a tangible token of their dedication to the Journey To Worthy movement ; I created the “Worthy” tees , a visual declaration of worth as well as evidence that they had joined the JTW Army!,” says Founder Vanessa Haldane. With each T-shirt sold a necessity item is donated to charity Baby Give Back, to support a woman in need, something Vanessa feels is important

“Giving back to other women in our community will always be a part of the JTW philosophy,” she states.

With women purchasing tees in the USA and the UK – the Army is not only growing nationally, but globally and Vanessa continues to grow Journey To Worthy with a successful Podcast and Worthiness events. “Season 2 of the podcast has started recording and the first Worthiness event is taking place this September – it sold out in 2 weeks and the demand for this event in other states is huge.

I have created this space for ALL women to be welcomed without prejudice and without judgement. It is my mission to help women experience the happiness and freedom that finding self-worth brings.

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