Vanessa Pollock is a Hospitality Training and Development Coach. Based in Brisbane, Vanessa and her team work closely with those in the restaurant and catering industry to harness and develop the leadership skills and operational practises that lead to both professional and personal success.

VP Training and Development was established in 2006. Its inception was driven by a love of the team environment fostered by the hospitality industry and all things to do with food, wine and customer connection.ย The business was established with the primary focus of helping operators to ensure their venue, and their team, stand out from the crowd.

Vanessa is committed to championing change within the hospitality industry and works to ensure its growth as a career of choice, not just one of convenience. She works to make the industry an attractive and sustainable one for up and coming hospitality professionals. Her long-term vision is that this will directly improve the quality and availability of human resources within the hospitality pool.

Recognising it is the team that is the lifeblood of any venue, Vanessa shares the tools, strategies and resources she has gathered over many years in the industry to help develop leaders. She shares her experience, and tried and tested procedures, to create profitable venues. Fundamentally the business is focused on training, operational procedures, venue analysis and recruitment, but she has also come to specialise in concept development and is the industry expert at getting your new venue opened seamlessly.

Vanessa devises and implements simple and effective systems so that workplaces can be happier, more satisfying and more profitable. There is a new generation joining the hospitality industry and Vanessa is at the forefront of the movement to ensure they are connected, engaged and providing a new wave of work force that is proud of their industry and the human connection it delivers.

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