In 1981 Tammy Fry was a born vegetarian in Durban, South Africa. Her father, Wally Fry, grew up as an animal farmer where meat was a staple in his everyday diet. Her mother, Debbie Fry, is also a lifelong vegetarian. Together they helped to inspire Wally to embrace a vegetarian diet and this sparked the creation of The Fry Family Food Company.

After graduating from the University of South Africa with a BCom (Hons) degree in Marketing and Economics, Tammy joined her family business as the only marketer in the team. As a passionate vegan, this was the only place Tammy could see herself working. With more than a decade’s experience at the helm of marketing at the company, Tammy is now the Director of this global company that offers more than 35 products in over 12,000 stores across more than 30 countries.

Alongside her role as the Director of Fry’s Family Foods, Tammy is well known for both her business activities and her achievements in sport. She has won medals at the Junior World Championships and the All African Championships. Tammy says, “I started when I was 5 years and started competing and representing my country at age 9 years. I have now competed for over 25 years!”

Tammy is also the Director of Meat Free Mondays, in Australia and South Africa, which encourages a reduction in animal product consumption as one of the major solutions to unsustainable food choices, global warming and animal cruelty. Recently, she has taken her message to the global stage, having spoken to audiences around the world including London, New York City’s Climate Change Summit, and Australia on a wide variety of topics including plant-based nutrition (which she is certified in), plant-based advocacy, food choices and climate change.

Tammy is guided by nutritional expertise, a love of fitness, the environment and outdoor lifestyle. She embodies health and wellness and enables others to live a happier and more energetic lifestyle through plant-based nutrition. This is essentially the cornerstone of Tammy’s passion.  She uses her blog and Seed Workshops to share recipes, lifestyle tips and plant-based advocacy ideas. Tammy lives by the mantra Eat, Live…Consciously.

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