Virag Dombay is a multidisciplinary artist and arts educator and now, the author of her new book Seasons of Love: A Collection of Short Stories.

The book is a bittersweet, literary work of fiction that looks at the lives of several different characters as they experience the various powerful emotions that are associated with love — a journey that takes you from the highs of grief to loss and all the way back to hope.

Broken up into the four seasons, each story is framed by a different aspect of love as it affects these characters, and the reader, in powerful and evocative ways. The novel follows thirty-seven narratives that create a space for the reader to dwell on their own experiences, while dreaming about the journeys that lie ahead in the future. Dombay’s writing is poetic, features a plethora of prose and imagery, with stylistic influences ranging from likes of William Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, Harper Lee, Trent Dalton, Nikita Gill, to Lewis Carroll.

Emotionally gripping and authentic to its core, Seasons of Love: A Collection of Short Stories is Dombay’s debut book after establishing herself as one of the vibrant creative voices within the Brisbane theatre scene. With beautiful illustrations by Brisbane artist Ingrid Bartkowiak, Seasons of Love: A Collection of Short Stories is the culmination of a local artistic mind telling stories that are deeply personal in their messages, yet universal in their impact.

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