Reena Augustine wants to help people, and make things easier for people wherever possible.  In her many efforts, she has consistently blazed a trail in her quest for equality.

Red Carpet Functions aspires to celebrate the diversity of Brisbane’s communities and emphasises an appreciation of its diverse cultures. Founded in 2015, RCF provides a platform to independent designers, models, performers and artists to showcase their work and talent to the public.“Diversity and acceptance is the culture we should follow and I am proud to be a platform that says no to pre existing stereotypes of the fashion industry as we lead the way to a more inclusive future all the while promoting multiculturalism,” she said. Once a shy public speaker, Reena has overcome her fears to hone multiple challenging jobs such as event MC and fashion show coordinator. She does what she loves and, in the process, offers hope and is an inspiration to thousands of women.

Reena grew up in the Gujarat, a state in western India. Her life has not been easy, but Reena has learned to make the most out of every opportunity given to her. She is determined to achieve her dreams. “My greatest regret in life is that all that I am achieving, big or small, my parents are not around to see and be proud of their daughter, as I lost them both,: she said. “They are the ones that embedded these qualities in me with which I am able to do so much for the community.”

Red Carpet Functions has proved a successful enterprise, with Reena invited to produce several smaller showcases to help the community with various charitable causes. Reena’s plans include completing a degree in Law in order to be qualified to help victims of domestic violence and doing more volunteering in her community.

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