Rising businesswoman Natasha Morgan is the founder of My Home Watch, a national franchising network that offers home and pet care services for holidaymakers. The network launched  in April 2017 and has seen a steady increase in awareness and interest with 120 franchise opportunities for sale across Australia.

Morgan has received numerous accolades and awards for her work including being voted as one of the Top 30 Franchise Executives for 2019, winning an Ausmumpreneur Award for the Big Idea category, a nomination for the Women’s Telstra Business Awards, and featuring in more than 60 publications as a Home Security Expert.

Homeowners leave their houses and pets in the care of My Home Watch who run regular property checks, ensure that pets are fed and well looked after and even receive packages in place of the owners. Morgan says “My Home Watch was born out of necessity. We offer superior customer service in a high demand industry. Always having to rely on family, friends or neighbours for favours was difficult and carried an enormous amount of guilt with it. The other option of having a stranger, a  house sitter for example, stay in our home and sleep in our bed, wasn’t an appealing one for us.”

“A house or apartment left empty is a tempting target for criminals and can lead to all sorts of disasters. We don’t want to scare people—or leave them fearing for their treasured belongings while basking in the sun on a Fijian beach. But basic preventative measures can work wonders to help keep their home safe from power surges, broken pipes, home invasions, and more while they’re away. It’s imperative that every property owner take certain key steps to keep his or her home safe and sound while seeing the world,” said Morgan.

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