Wattlebird Eco is an Interior Design and Plantscaping practice with a commitment to responsible design. It creates rich interior schemes that are tailor made, and have people, place and nature at their core. It is its philosophy that through enabling a consistent connection with nature and place, anyone can foster healthy hearts and minds and feel inspired to make better choices for the protection of the planet.

Principal Designer and Founder Hayley Witt is an experienced Interior Designer, Stylist and Interior Plantscaper. Since 2010, she has worked on projects ranging from home renovations, events, cafes, and cooking schools, to resorts and shopping centres in Australia, New Zealand and Samoa. Hayley holds a Bachelor of Design – Interior Design from QUT, as well as a Bachelor of Music Performance. Having practiced professionally in Brisbane and Sydney across a range of different design sectors, it became apparent to her that there was little expectation on boutique residential interior designers to design responsibly. She wanted to explore the space where knowledgable designers could consult with clients to make responsible and meaningful decisions when it came to the interior design of their homes, while still achieving that premium and tailored aesthetic that fills glossy magazines and social media. ”

Interior Designers have the capability to improve the health and wellbeing of a household through effective space planning, functionality, use of non-toxic materials and a consistent connection with nature. In this modern world the interiors of our homes need to work harder than ever to facilitate rest, happiness and wellness. Eco Interior Design can do that,” she said.

Nature is a constant source of inspiration and is integral to Hayley’s design philosophy. Known as Biophilic Design, her deep interest in the origins and inherent qualities of materials and craftsmanship of objects, ensures that her design solutions are thoughtful, timeless and beautiful. Her unique skills in styling with living plants have flourished in recent years with her involvement in large scale commercial retail, lifestyle and hospitality developments.

Hayley’s background as a musician and an innate sensibility for how space ‘feels’ has given her practice a flair beyond just the visual, to the multi-sensory. Hayley creates spaces that invite enquiry and an interaction between the user and the objects. An inquisitive and avid collector of plants, the handmade, old wares and anything with character, Hayley’s personal style lends itself to rich and immersive design outcomes that offer a synergy between people, place and nature.

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