M A R I A . is a premium silk and cashmere scarf label, founded on the beautiful New South Wales Central Coast by Maria Larissa, a young traveller who found her heart and home on our Australian beaches.

Inspired by her passion for photography, delicate fabrics and her love for the Australian coastline, flora and beaches, Maria decided to merge her various passions through her favourite mediums of silk and cashmere. “I thought about ways to combine my passions for photography and fashion and I didn’t want my photographs to be static and motionless in a frame on the wall,” she says. ” That’s why I started M A R I A . All designs are photographs I took on a beautiful day down by the beach or on a bush walk, every photo is a memory that is supposed to inspire your next daydream.”

With its different designs, M A R I A . aims to brings back memories from your last beach holiday, the stroll along Avoca Beach during your last Christmas road trip, the smell of the wild flowers on that coastal walk around Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches and the hot summer day you spend at Manly Beach with your friends.

M A R I A . stands for beautiful and high-quality silk and cashmere pieces, versatile, timeless and playful all year round. The company believes that a scarf is so much more than just a piece of fabric. It is the elegant friend of your biker jacket and leather boots, it’s this bespoke top that nobody else wears, it’s a cheeky little colour play in your hair or around your neck. It is your best beach buddy and provides shade on those hot days or keeps your curly beach hair under control with a cute knot.

And to founder Maria, M A R I A . is more than just a label, it is the physical manifestation of her love for nature and her passion for photography; it is a part of her heart and soul that she has chosen to share with the world.

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