Led by journalist Jennifer Byrne, hundreds of women in Sydney along with their families will unite together in support of mental health. The women will undertake a six kilometre hike from Bondi Beach just after sunrise, in an effort to bring hope to those experiencing mental illnesses and promote healthier and happier families.

Coastrek ambassador Jennifer Bryne is thrilled to be leading the hike. “I feel totally in synch with all the things it stands for – love of nature, and a keen faith in the power and generosity of women,” she said. “Last year was my first on the Coastrek trail – and what a great day it was. Coastrek is an organisation growing all the time, opening up new ways to challenge ourselves and explore the beautiful and grand parts of the world. Places which lift the heart – and all the other organs too! I hope I can encourage other women to take the broadest possible interpretation of a healthy, full life,” Jennifer said.

Organised by Wild Women On Top, this free Mental Health Hike is a movement which aims to inspire women to hike with their friends for wellbeing. This movement ties in closely with Mental Health Week on 10 October where activities are being rolled out nationwide following International Mental Health Day. Founder of Coastrek, Di Westaway, who is a women’s health expert says, “Our Mission is to restore hope and lead our loved ones towards new rituals of self-care including walking just 30 minutes a day and hiking for an hour on Sunday mornings. Some call this radical self-care. I call it survival. Together, by 2022, we hope to inspire 1 million women to connect with each other and mother nature, taking back our health and happiness and leading our daughters and sisters towards a healthier happier future by hiking together.”

A study by Harvard University found that walking just 30 minutes a day reduces day reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, anxiety and stress by up to 50 per cent. Walking in nature, or hiking, has the added benefit of improving mood and memory while reducing rumination.

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