Renowned storyteller Wendy Love explores a patchwork of diverse stories, cultures and perspectives as she interviews some of Brisbane’s most remarkable people whose lives have been shaped by their city, for Museum of Brisbane’s brand-new podcast series, Where I Belong.

This podcast features previously unheard stories about Brisbane and its people to inspire listeners to explore the Great South East. Hear for the first time the sliding door moment that changed the life of celebrated author Trent Dalton, or how the first and only female Lord Mayor, Sallyanne Atkinson transformed Brisbane into the city that lives and plays along the river. Be inspired and challenged by Michael Zavros as he reveals a decade long creative partnership with his daughter Phoebe and dive into the on and off-screen life of Brisbane’s authority on weather, Jenny Woodward.

Other riveting episodes in the series feature writer and director Wesley Enoch AM’s amazing career path and coming back home, as well as fellow Quandamooka artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins on the evolution of her artistic practice and how her family has played a major role in that.

Host and Producer, Wendy Love acts as narrator and interpreter for these stories and has succeeded in weaving unheard and inspiring tales from each of her interviewees to share different perspectives of our city, which can be enjoyed by those who call Brisbane home or those with a love for great storytelling. Museum of Brisbane is central to conversations about the evolving life of Brisbane, its histories, and contemporary cultures, and Where I Belong has taken this storytelling out of Level 3 of City Hall and into listeners homes, commutes and across all good streaming platforms.

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