Kate McDonald, owner of White Gold Boutique, has been in the beauty industry since 2004. With her latest vision of hair and makeup combining, her salon has become a beacon of beauty heaven for all women –whether quirky, fierce or elegant– looking to shape-up.

“I love transformations – brows, make up, hair… you know you achieved that when the client can’t stop looking at herself because she is just so happy with what she sees in the mirror.” From a young age, Kate has been inspired by beauty icons like Kevin Aucoin and his first makeup book, The Art of Makeup in 1994. “Not only was Kevin an amazing Makeup Artist, but the images of the hair, styling and how everything came together was something that even today still moves me. From there I knew this was something I wanted to pursue further.”

With the experience and service of highly-trained professionals, White Gold Boutique is a chic hair and beauty salon, whipping up powerful transformations for Brisbane’s finest ladies. After working at MAC Cosmetics for more than a decade and being promoted to Sales and Training Regional Manager for the Middle East, Kate realised her vision, combining a love of makeup with hair. “It was during this time in Dubai I experienced a full 360 of what a Hair and Beauty Salon of the future could be like, and I started to work on creating my vision and in Brisbane, which is my home town.”

In the weeks following White Gold Boutique’s opening of the Blow-Dry Membership, the launch of official makeup appointments will bring Kate’s vision together. To add to the ambience of beauty transformation, White Gold Boutique is also working on Bridal campaigns, new hair styles like “Mermaid Hair,” nails, hair extensions, and a selfie station for capturing the perfect look.