Wholesome Hub is helping customers fight climate change. Founder Sandy Abram has launched its program to offset 100 per cent of carbon emissions generated as a result of shipping products to its customers. The award-winning online retailer is committed to making buying sustainably and responsibly simple and reducing their impact on the environment at the same time. “We all love the convenience of online shopping however this convenience comes at an expense to our environment. Shipping orders around Australia uses energy, creates carbon emissions and depending on the packaging you use, a lot of plastic waste,” said Abram.

Wholesome Hub has partnered with Greenfleet to ensure that every time someone makes a purchase on their online website, Wholesome Hub will balance out 100 per cent of the carbon emissions generated from shipping by purchasing offsets, resulting in a long term positive environmental impact. These contributions will be used by Greenfleet to plant Australian native trees which will offset carbon, promote biodiversity, provide essential habitat for native wildlife, improve water quality and reduce soil erosion. Greenfleet has planted more than 9.2 million native trees and more than 500 biodiverse forests across Australia since 1997.

“The new initiative comes at no additional cost for our customers, in fact, the cost is so viable we hope it will inspire other Australian online retailers to follow in our footsteps and consider taking action. For the sake of our future generations, how can we afford not to take positive action?” said Abram. If every Australian e-commerce company offset its emissions it would make an enormous difference. According to the Climate Council Australia, transportation is Australia’s second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution representing 18 percent of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas pollution.

Wholesome Hub chose World Turtle Day to launch its  carbon offset program in recognition of the devastating impact climate change has on our turtle species and marine environment.“This is just one step of many we’ve made and will continue to make as we to look deeper into our impact on the environment. We intend to seek out other opportunities and ways of working with industry leaders to make a long term change,” said Abram. Wholesome Hub uses no plastic to pack and ship its orders, is delisting all products that contain palm oil and does not supply any free samples in plastic packaging.

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