Althea Papinczak and Erin Oxley met at Brisbane design and construction company, Shape, about three and a half years ago. Althea was excited for the next step in her career after years as a Project Delivery Manager at Unita while Erin was just starting out, fresh in the world of construction after a life in ballet.

After attending a ‘how to dress for your body shape’ event, Althea decided she wanted to create what she was really looking for. With absolutely no experience hosting a networking event, she got the ball rolling with a listing on Meetup. After attending the first event, Erin got involved and so was born WIDAC (Women in Design and Construction).

Over the years WIDAC has expanded from Brisbane, to Sydney, Melbourne, and are now launching roadshow events across Australia. WIDAC is an event and networking organisation with over 35 National and State based team members, thousands of members and a list of incredible Sponsors – all of whom have helped grow WIDAC to what it is today.

All WIDAC content is carefully curated to explore diverse topics, address issues faced by women, develop technical skills relevant to the industry, provide insights and advice for professional development, and explore the human situations we all encounter. WIDAC speakers come from all experience levels, with professions ranging from design, construction, engineering, to property development, trades and related industries.

The real magic of WIDAC lies in the community of women working across disciplines, coming together to support each other, and growing as a collective. WIDAC aims to inspire, challenge, connect and empower women by influencing the design, construction and related industries from the ground up, and help Australian women on their pathway to success and leadership.

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