Seasoned Gold Coast entertainers, Barbara Prestia, Chantal Bryan, and Toni Melrose are set to debut a brand new live and interactive children’s show called Hyped!! The innovative show is geared towards young children and intends to explore topics such as; big and small world problems, teamwork and how working together can be so much fun.

Featuring a host and two “host helpers”, Hyped!! is designed to be a light and happy show that creates a sense of unity, whilst equipping students with the tools to help them build resilience in our constantly changing world,” said co-creator and writer, Ms. Prestia.

The founder and creative director Aarti Bajaj of Wild Dreamer Productions and producer of stage spectacular MEERA which debuted on the Gold Coast last year before touring to New Zealand in May this year is committed to providing a platform to various creative minds and professionals from all over the world.

“The primary vision and ethos of Wild Dreamer Productions are to create a space where anyone can come and build their talents, with the help of seasoned and local professionals,” said Ms. Bajaj. A collaborative project, Ms. Bajaj also engaged holistic psychologist, Monica Pema to offer professional insight during Hyped!!’s creative process. “Hyped! was created after thorough research into various problems that little minds are facing today. The show’s creatives have taken a fun and inclusive approach to delivering important messages to audiences,” said Ms. Pema.

Apart from Wild Dreamer Productions, Ms. Bajaj will soon launch international creative arts collective, 9 Expressions later this year. “I intend to create a platform where I can give different artists the opportunity where they don’t need a profile to share their talent – if they have talent, I will bring the platform to them,” said Ms. Bajaj.

The live and interactive children’s show, Hyped!! will launch on the 12th of September at St Hilda’s School on the Gold Coast.

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