One Gold Coast woman is on a mission to prove there is more to Indian performing arts than Bollywood. Aarti Bajaj is the owner and artistic director of Wild Dreamer Productions, a Gold Coast-based production house committed to pushing boundaries beyond the social norm.

Meera, the brainchild of Ms Bajaj, is the first offering from the company. Boasting a 300-strong cast and crew, the new stage spectacular will premiere at HOTA on the November 4 this year. “Meera is a bold love story from 16th century Northern India about a royal princess who believes in her love for Krishna (a Hindu God) to such a degree that she is willing to go against the norms of society for her love,” said Ms Bajaj. “This is a story of love, passion, betrayal and every emotion of human experience to make or break a person – Meera has it all.”

The vision for Wild Dreamer Productions is to present multiple unsung or not very well known stories from around the world. “My goal is to break different boundaries using globalisation and modernisation, to shine a light on different cultures and art forms,” said Ms Bajaj. “There is so much more to Indian dance, it is not properly propagated or spread in the wider world. In Meera, there are eight dance forms; Indian classical, Indian contemporary, tap, jazz, ballet, African contemporary, pole, and we are aiming to get aerial. You will see pole in a different light in this production.” In regards to other performing arts featured in Meera, there is drama, narration incorporating opera singing and plans to feature 2D and 3D projection mapping.

Another major motivation for Ms Bajaj is to create a platform where she can give different artists the opportunity where they don’t need a profile to share their talent. “All of the performers in Meera are local amateurs from the Gold Coast and Brisbane communities, and this gives me great pride. My ultimate goal is for Meera to see all the beautiful stages and audiences across the globe, to sing out beautifully and loudly so everyone can get involved.”

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