When Jaimie McMillan opened the doors to Wild Sage Wellness Studio, she never for a moment thought it would grow to become place of kinship for health and healing.

But in less than a year, Wild Sage Wellness Studio has exceeded Jaimie McMillan’s expectations. Hidden behind a heritage listed shopfront in Allora’s main street, the charming studio is testament to its owner’s infectious enthusiasm for natural therapies and the self love philosophy by which she lives. “I wanted to create a healing space, where people could come and have a treatment and feel tranquil and relaxed, and it is really nice to know people feel pampered and better within themselves when they leave,” Jaimie said.

A trained massage therapist, Jaimie studied at the Australian College of Natural Medicine when she left school and now practises a range of alternative and beauty therapies including dry needling, cupping and hot rock massage. But it took a long time for the now 35-year old to return to her first love. She worked in banking for almost 10 years before fate finally intervened. “I met my husband in Brisbane and he is from Allora, so when we had our first child we decided to leave the city to raise our family. It happened when we came here — the fresh air, the nature and wide open spaces made me feel like I wanted to return to practising holistic health. I always knew I would have my own space but juggling two small children, I just didn’t think it would be this soon.”

But Wild Sage Wellness Studio’s beginnings hark back even further. Jaimie’s thoughtfully curated collection of products and passion for natural remedies tells of a childhood spent in the bush. “My grandfather was Indigenous and when I was a child, he would tell me about bush medicine and remedies, and stories about tea leaf readings; I was always really interested in those things Pop used to do. Mum was always into health too, so I grew up knowing no different — I saw a kinesiologist before I ever saw a doctor.”

Working closely with suppliers, Jaimie sources products chosen for their organic ingredients. Beautifully packaged natural skin products, jars of organic tea, bottles of essential oils and bath soaks line the studio walls. “Our products complement the services we offer and I like to support small artisans. The community has really embraced us and I love that they are using products they otherwise wouldn’t because they couldn’t source them locally.”

There is more to Wild Sage than simply what is on the shelves. Since opening in January, Jaimie has brimmed with ideas and has transformed the former doctors surgery into a space where the community can connect and indulge in new joys. “I wanted to create a place where women, or anyone in the community, can try something different without having to leave Allora. We now have a weekly meditation class and have hosted different workshops, from macrame making, to art and wine classes. “It’s about being able to take some time out and try something new in a relaxed space where you can just be yourself.”

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