Since walking into a Rock & Roll Circus rehearsal at the Princess Theatre in 1998, West End local Allie Wilde has dabbled in almost every aspect of the arts community. She boasts an extensive Australian and international performance history as a performer, director, creative consultant, producer, performer manager, programmer and program coordinator, trainer and mentor for a large variety of Australian companies, including the Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Arts Council.

Allie’s experience brings a richness and depth of understanding to her work, to her relationship with the artists she engages, and to the clients that she works with.She has been recognised as a specialist in circus, physical theatre, and interdisciplinary arts, having trained extensively in theatre, and is a highly experienced acrobat and aerialist. Allie also has an extensive knowledge of non-arts specific space installations and roving art. She applies a theatrical focus to all her work and enjoys collaborating with innovative, bold, and edgy artists and clients.

Above all, Allie loves to collaborate and believes passionately in the value and necessity of art, so it comes as no surprise that she established Wilde Applause. Wilde Applause was created in 2008 with the goal to produce new works, promote existing works, manage artists, and collaborate with presenters, agents, managers, councils, festivals, production companies and event managers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Allie’s commitment to the arts is seen in how Wilde Applause promotes art and culture in society, and it’s endeavour to engage with a diverse range of audiences. Wilde Applause does not just promote and present performance works, it also offers a vast range of community based projects, workshops, and artist in residence programs with a highly effective corporate team that develop activities and performances for all. The work Wilde Applause has produced has been enjoyed by thousands of geographically and demographically diverse audiences.

Allie promotes integrity, honesty, attention to detail, authenticity, accessibility, and quality.Her deep passion for the arts and the collaborative process means that Wilde Applause produces art and arts programs that are tailored to a particular event, entertain and enthuse, educate and engage, and thrill and fulfil.

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