Kate Perry is the CEO and founder of Wiserr, an online platform designed to put over 40s back in control of their future. Wiserr does this by helping them create value with their strengths through alternative income streams.

Kate has always been magnetised to starting new businesses from an idea or creating products from scratch. Having started multiple businesses, she has been fortunate to be able to produce things that people are interested in enough to buy. Her businesses have always been based on her creative output and Wiserr reflects that: Anyone can create something from nothing. It made complete sense to Kate for her to build the tools for others to do that if there was not a suitable job available.

Kate is a graphic designer turned serial entrepreneur. Her past work has involved working with GoMA, Damien Hirst, as well as creating clothing lines Red Chalk and RC / KP, opening The Servo with her mother, and freelance illustration and graphic design. She has found a way to integrate her skills in illustration and design into every entrepreneurial venture she has embarked upon. Across time a slow change had happened: the world had turned digital. Her father, who had run a successful photography studio, had shut up shop and 30 years in the industry was on the shelf. The concept came as a slow bubbling up from her experience, her ability to make something from nothing, and watching her father go through the experience of hanging up the camera. The idea of Wiserr, to her, just made sense.

Wiserr is a website that gives over 40s a shopfront for their skills. The community brings their wealth of experience to the wider public through services and workshops. It also provides several resources to get people going, no matter where they are in their entrepreneurial journey.

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