With International Women in Engineering Day occurring yesterday on 23 June, Power and Energy Sector Manager for SMEC Preeti Arora is issuing a message to aspiring female engineers. The international awareness day is a campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering, focusing the attention on career opportunities available within the industry.

Joining SMEC more than a year ago, Arora felt empowered and supported in her role. “When I joined SMEC, our sector was, and still is, going through a period of national growth. I was presented with a unique opportunity to drive our sector’s growth, build a strong client base, establish our core technical capability to deliver projects that would support our market entry into new areas. It’s a role that I have enjoyed taking on, especially in a field that has been historically male dominated.”

Arora says she has had an interesting journey to get to where she is today at SMEC, receiving guidance from her parents. “My parents were a real inspiration. They valued education above all else and instilled the confidence I needed to challenge cultural norms. My Mum has an electrical engineering background, Dad is a biochemistry professor, and thanks to them both I grew up having discussions at the dinner table, where a woman working in a male dominated field was simply the done thing.”

Faced with her own set of challenges throughout her life, Arora is encouraging other women in society to persevere against adversity. “If there’s one message I could give to women today, especially young women, it’s this; reach beyond your qualifications and experience and believe in yourself. Take risks, invest in yourself, listen to your intuition, and talk confidently about your capabilities – not just what you have done, but what you can do in the future.”

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