The Women in Family Business conference organised by LiquidGold, is the first of its kind in Australia and will be held in October to support the work women do to keep the family business thriving. LiquidGold director, Susanne Bransgrove said they are passionate about enabling conversations about family businesses appreciating and understanding the importance of diverse input needed for the success of both the family and the business. 

“The family business sector is very well serviced by a variety of events and conferences, in particular the Family Business Australia conference, which is going to be held in September in Melbourne this year,” Ms Bransgrove said. “But none of them are solely focused on the different perspective women can bring and how important a role they can play to balance family and business for a sustainable future.”

LiquidGold wants to reach out to these families through the Women in Family Business conference to let them know they are recognised and valued. “We are offering a chance for them to connect with each other through networking and giving them the opportunity to hear a variety of stories, some likely similar to their own,” Ms Bransgrove said. “We want this conference to be a conversation that can encourage other family business leaders to self-assess and identify whether the input into decision making in their family and business is diverse enough or whether room needs to be created for other voices, including that of the female family members or next generation.”

The conference offers to share lessons learnt as well as provide a chance to celebrate what is being done well. “We are passionate about family businesses appreciating and understanding the importance of the diverse input needed to allow for long-term success of both the family and the business and this conference will provide the necessary conversations to enable this,” Ms Bransgrove she said. 

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