The Biggest Women in Leadership Summit Returns for the 6th time!

It’s your time. Now. It’s your time to take your place at the leadership table. It’s your time to take advantage of the momentum for change sweeping workplaces across Australia. It’s your time to be heard, listened to, and respected.

Join us at the Women in Leadership Summit to claim the career you want, the position you deserve and the respect you’ve earned. This is your time! The Women in Leadership Summit won’t solve equality overnight, nor get you your dream position tomorrow. It will, however, empower you with the experience and perspectives from a vast array of successful women from a variety of backgrounds – each sharing unique lessons from working their way to the very top of their professions.

It’s your time – time to seize opportunities, make you own opportunities when they don’t appear, develop your leadership toolkit, harness your inner resilience, create safer workplaces, and generate more meaningful change for future leaders.

At this forum, everyone is listening.


  • Embrace vulnerability to become a better leader
  • Make it to the top in male dominated environments
  • Overcome bias without burning bridges
  • Seize opportunities to grow your career
  • Find the courage to tell your truth and overcome the consequences of speaking out
  • Develop your leadership toolkit with the skills to get you where you want to go