The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia held its annual gala dinner on Saturday 27 July in Sydney. A slew of awards were dished out to honour student, intern and qualified pharmacists for their work and contributions to the field. Women dominated the filed of winners.

Alice Hashiguchi from the University of WA won the 2019 PSA Mylan Pharmacy Student of the Year Award. Hashiguchi was congratulated for her ”application of clinical knowledge and excellent communication skills.” Talented intern pharmacist Ayomide (Mide) Ogundipe won the 2019 PSA MIMS Intern Pharmacist of the Year Award, Ogundipe was recognised for her outstanding development as a professional pharmacist and her work as Executive Director of PR at the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Federation. Ms. Ogundipe’s advice to other interns was to ”take ownership of your role and allow yourself to stay teachable.”

Professor Rebekah Moles, Mrs. Karen Carter, Dr. Claire O’Reilly, and Ms. Michelle Lynch were also amongst the seven new fellows of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, recognised for their outstanding contribution to PSA and the pharmaceutical profession. Prof. Moles was congratulated for her dedication to both the educational and professional development of pharmacists nationwide, Mrs. Carter for her proactive response to the severe drought in her region which ensured other pharmacists were equipped to best support related mental health challenges. Dr. O’Reilly was noted for her achievements as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney and also the first pharmacist appointed to the Medical Services Advisory Committee and Ms. Lynch was honoured for her role in the Parliamentary Inquiry into the roles and opportunities for community pharmacy in primary and preventative care.

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