A new book written by Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait, So You Want To Be A Writer, launches this month, aimed at the growing number of people who want to transition into a career in writing.

The book, which is being launched at one of the official events at Vivid Sydney is an extension of the popular podcast, also called So You Want To Be A Writer. Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait are co-hosts of the podcast, which regularly hits the What’s Hot section of iTunes. “Once we hit over one million downloads of our podcast, we knew there would be demand for a book distilling the ideas and advice on how to become a writer,” said Valerie Khoo, author and CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre.

“I think the desire to write is probably greater now because it is much more accessible to people. They say everyone has a book in them and the digital age has made it possible for everyone to write that book and to publish it,” said Allison Tait, international bestselling author of The Mapmaker Chronicles and The Ateban Cipher series.

Both authors believe the world of blogging and social media has given people a taste for the written word. This is evidenced by the numbers enrolling into writing courses. Since starting in 2005, the Australian Writers’ Centre began with only six students and has now had more than 45,000 students, many of which have gone on to have successful writing careers.

So You Want To Be A Writer answers the many questions the pair receive from people interested in the world of writing. The book is designed to help people get into writing even while they still have a day job. “The reality is you will never find time to write your novel. You have to make the time. That means working with the time you have, not the time you wish you had. In the book we share practical strategies we and other writers have used to make time to write as well as tips for many other areas of writing,” said Tait.

“I left a successful career in accounting to pursue my writing dreams. My love of writing also led me to start the Australian Writers’ Centre to help others unearth their inner creativity and tell their stories. The podcast and now the book So You Want To Be A Writer is really an extension of this, and I am extremely grateful to have the privilege to light the way for so many writers and authors,” said Khoo.

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